Terms and conditions shall be as follows: –

  1. Rent agreement shall be entitled before every rent.
  2. Security deposit shall liquidate as equal of two month’s rent.
  3. Rent should be paid in advance within 5th day of every month.
  4. Owner reserves the right to liquidated the damages occurred by tenant of everyitems.
  5. Only in Electronics Items damage charge will be paid 50% by tenant.
  6. If any problem on furniture and electrical items related we will be solved withinthree working days.
  7. A confirmation letter for getting back all delivered items by the room owner overmail or on letter head with identity proof.
  8. Up And down Carrying and Labour Charge Applicable According to distance.
  9. Lock in period minimum 4 month from date of rent.
  10. Booking amount shall be submitted before the agreement.
  11. Security deposit will be refund within 7 working days from the date of refund.
  12. Agreement will be done from the first day of the month.
  13. GST 18% will be applicable on total bill amount
  14. Notice will be give before one month to owner inform for return hire items.
  15. If tenants do not give any notice before 1 month for returns for hire items we will becharges full month rent.
  16. We will be taken legal action if any tenants do not inform about their presentaddress change. Inform the company for change Address Company will decided fornew address delivery possible or not possible.
  17. Sunday and national holidays will be not delivery any items, do not any official work.
  18. Agreement and Notary charges Rs.300/- will be pay by the lessee.
  19. At the time of taking delivery, the agreement must be signed by the signatory infavour of tenant A witness must be present and Witness also signatory the place ofwitness signature.
  20. It will take 5 to 6 days to notarize the agreement copy .Soft copy will be sent toTenant after notarization.

List of documents to be submitted during the agreement

  1. ADHHAR card.
  2. PAN Card.
  3. Employee Id.
  4. Company Trade licence (only for the businessman).
  5. Company PAN Card (For the Businessman).
  6. GST Number (For the Businessman).
  7. 2 copies photos.
  8. WhatsApp Number Mandatory.
  9. Mail Id Mandatory.
  10. Valid contact number mandatory.
  11. Reference of one family member with identity and valid contact number.
  12. Reference of local person with address proof and valid contact number.
  13. Details owner with mail id and valid contact number.
  14. Minimum amount Rs.800/- to Rs.1000/- shall be entitled for placing order.Note: All the contact number and mail id will be verified by calling.


Terms and conditions shall be as follows: – 

  1. Lease agreement is mandatory before every items delivery. 
  2. Two month’s rent shall be charged as refundable security deposit at the time of the agreement. 
  3. The furniture and appliances rent shall be paid in advance within 5th day of every month. 
  4. The Owner shall have the full discretionary power to calculate the price of the item in case of any serious damage caused by the LESSEE while using the items. 
  5. In case of serious damages to the electronic appliances, the damage charge shall be equally borne by the LESSOR and LESSEE. 
  6. In case of any fault on furniture as well as electric appliances delivered, the same issue shall be resolved within three working days by the LESSOR. 
  7. The owner of the apartment shall have to give a declaration/confirmation mail if in case the LESSEE cancels the agreement with him without informing. This is mandatory for the smooth functioning of getting back all delivered items. 
  8. Transportation and Labour charges are applicable based on the distance. delivery and return carrying charges and labour charges applicable.
  9. A minimum Lock -in period of 4(Four) calendar months is mandatory from the date of agreement. 
  10. The booking amount shall be deposited before signing of the Lease agreement. 
  11. After the period of 11(Eleven) months are over, the security deposit shall be refunded within 7 (Seven) working days from the date of return of the items. 
  12. The Agreement shall commence from the first day of the month. 
  13. GST 18% will be applicable on total bill amount. 
  14. In case of returning the hired items, the LESSOR shall be given one months’ notice in advance by the LESSEE. 
  15. f the LESSEE fails to give one month’s prior notice to the LESSOR, then one month rent shall be chargeable as full month’s rent. 
  16. If the LESSEE leaves the apartment along with the furniture and appliances so rented out by the LESSOR without informing the same to the LESSOR, then the LESSOR shall have full liberty to initiate strict legal actions against the LESSEE. The LESSOR should be informed before change of address along with the hired item. 
  17. The LESSOR shall have the liberty to decide whether the leased items will be delivered to the new address in case of change of address during the period of agreement is in force. 
  18. No items shall be delivered/returned on Sundays and national holidays. 
  19. The LESSEE shall bear the agreement as well as notary charges to the tune of Rs. 300/- payable at the time of depositing the booking amount. 
  20. At the time of taking delivery of the hired items, the agreement must be signed by the LESSEE in presence of one witness and full postal address with signature of the witness should be mentioned in the agreement. 
  21. The agreement should be duly signed and returned back to the agents of the LESSOR after delivery of the items. 
  22. The soft copy of the signed agreement shall be delivered to the LESSEE’S mail within 5 to 6 working days after notarisation from the Court. 
  23. If the order is cancelled on a particular date, there will be a deduction to the tune of 30% of the total order value and the rest shall be refunded in the next Seven working days.

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